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Indische Party


Indische Party is a Jakarta-based band formed in 2011. This band consists of some well-known names who've been around in Indonesia's music scene, Jafar Shadiq (It's Different Class) on vocals and harmonica, Andre Idris (The Upstairs) on guitar, Jacobus Dimas (Karon 'N Roll) on bass, and the beautiful young lady Tika Pramesti on drums.

Started with their love to the british music in the 60's such as The Rolling Stones, Indische Party choose the 60's start to be their signature style. Since then, Indische Party has quickly piqued interests in both audience and critics by mixes rhythm and blues, soul, rock 'n roll, and ballad to be one groovy tunes.

In Juny 2013, they released their debut album "Indische Party - Self Titled" along with their new single from the album "Waiting for You". In this album, Indische Party collaborated with Ricky Virgana from White Shoes and the Couples Company to helped them filling the cello instrument, they also collaborated with Dharmo Soedirman from Sentimental Moods and Notturno Trio.

Indische Party will bring you to the glory of the 60's era, so you might don't want to see their upcoming live shows. See you on the party!

Music Video

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Indische Party - No …
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Indische Party - Kel…
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Indische Party - Sep…
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