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Sajama Cut


Sajama Cut is a rock band from Jakarta, Indonesia, known for their dynamic change of musical styles, which ranges from baroque, noise, ambient, indie rock, lo-fi, and electronica, amongst others.

Sajama Cut is Marcel Thee (vocals, guitars, various instruments), Dion Panlima Reza (guitars, vocals, percussion, synths), Randy Apriza Akbar (bass, vocals), Andreas Humala (keyboards, synths, samplers, vocals), Hans Citra Patria (percussion, synths), and Banu satrio (drums, percussion, vocals). They formed in 2001. In March 2011, Sajama Cut announced that Andreas Humala (keyboards, synths, samplers, vocals) had left the band due to personal reasons. He was replaced by Vishnu Panji Pradana, an electronic musician.

Sajama Cut have released two albums, along with numerous compilations, most notably the JKT:SKRG (Jakarta Now!) compilation, and had a major radio hit when their single “Less Afraid” appeared on the major motion picture Janji Joni , in which the song, in a rare occurrence; could be heard almost in its entirety two times during the movie.
Videos for the singles Fallen Japanese and Alibi are also staples in both local TV channels in South-East Asia, and commercial channels, such as MTV, O-Channel, and STV.

Sajama Cut released their first indie album Apologia (2002) to praise from the indie community and media in Indonesia. Earning a 90% raiting in the influential Indonesian independent magazine Deathrockstar.

Music Video

youtube video
Sajama Cut - Hunted …
youtube video
Sajama Cut - Bloodsp…
youtube video
Sajama Cut - Fatamor…
youtube video
Sajama Cut - Bloodsp…
youtube video
Sajama Cut - The Ger…
youtube video


youtube video
Sajama Cut - Disorde…



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