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The Corals


The Corals (The Corporation Of Rock And Loud Spreader) was formed in early 2009 with the formation Mbeng danza (vocals), Fery (guitar), Ryan (bass), Brian (drums). The meaning of The Corals itself is a rock that spread noise corporations, and corporations itself is not defined as a company, but togetherness in this band.

The band who based in Bekasi was a project that has been planned from 2008, but due to the activity of each personnel, the band has been active in early 2009. By bringing color of rock music. The Corals influenced by many music from bands such as Anthrax, Black Sabbath, God Bless, The Sword, Norma Jean, Everytime I Die, Rollins Band, Suicidal Tendencies, Amqa, High On Fire, Kingdom Of Sorrow, Iron Monkey.

With the influence of these bands, The Corals presented somewhat different rock from the rock bands that existed at current time, because in the songs that they're created there was a touch of metal, hardcore and punk, so our songs sounded very energetic, refreshing, and full distortion with lyrics containing and tells the reality of life around us and that was happening recently.

The composition has its own character vocals accompanied by crunch but modern guitar sound as dominated by low bass and beat of drums as a controller to any tempo of The Corals music beat.