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Hollywood Nobody


in 2005, in Bandung, Indonesia. The very purpose of the band was to play in a friend's small gig only,
performing Feist and Kings of Convenience's songs. It was a leisure, no seriousity intended.
One thing lead to another, and we all decided to keep the band alive, make our own music, and go public.
Dian Safitri Irawan (vocal), Iru Irawan (keyboard), Romy Febriansyah (guitar), Ferri Habibie (bass),
Fajhrin Rochamzan(violin), M. Indra (drums), and Andika Prasetyo (percussion) as the first formation
of the band decided to play bossanova, without even knowing and listening to the kind of music itself.
We all have a difference in the kind of music we listen to, and decided to start from there, mixing
everything we listen to, and make our own kind, off course, in bossanova style.
The first single we created was "Kiss The Pain Away" that brought us as a winner in L.A Lights Indiefest
2006, and compiled in the album. After that, we were considered one of the shiniest new comer in Bandung.
"Betrayal" was the second single to be released digitally at Digital Beat Store, one of the pioneer in digital
music store in Indonesia.
In 2007, M. Indra died because of his long time disease, and were replaced by Luthfi Erizka (drums) and
followed by the resignations of some players Andika Prastyo, Fajhrin Rochamzan, and Ferri Habibie
who'd decided to start working professionally. hen we finally signed the contract with FastForward Records in for our debut album, Dendy Revolusi (bass) joined the band.
Hollywood Nobody is :
Dian Safitri Irawan : Song Writer, Vocalist (using Shure Beta 58)
Romy Febriansyah : Song Arranger, Guitarist (using costume Nylon Guitar)
Iru Irawan : Keyboard (using YAMAHA VSS series 1 and Roland Juno D)
Dendy Revolusi : Bass (using Fender Jazz Bass and YAMAHA Hollowbody and Accoustic Bass)
Luthfi Erizka : Drums (using Star Classic Drums and Dzildjian Avesis and Staag Cymbal


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