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Clover is formed in 2001 with the line up Ms. Tia in vocals and guitars, Ms. Nanda in guitars, Ms. Hana in bass, Ms. Tania in keyboards, and Ms. Zara in drums. In 2003, Clover released a debut e.p. called Prelude to Departure which is released as a gift for Ms. Hana who went to study in China for about a year. After, Ms. Hana came home, Clover re-released the e.p plus 2 new songs, they are: 
-Chap Sa Song 
-Beautiful Wonderful You 
-I'm Dreaming of (lovelife remixed by Deathmint) 

In 2009, Clover released our first full album, Until Whenever. 

Clover's Until Whenever album song list: 
- Tania in a Car 
- Lovelife (featuring vocals from Edo Wallad - The Safari) 
- Our Little Secret (featuring vocals from Merdi Simanjuntak - Sweaters) 
- Until Whenever (featurng vocals from Venendar Hambali - Lull) 
- Orenji 
- Blue is Just For Boys 
- Sundae Rhapsody 
- Lullaby For The Fireflies 
- Mr. Cookies 
- Chapsa Song 
- Loveshine (featuring guitars from Yonathan Vanco - Lull) 
- Ballads of The Lads and The Lass (featuring vocals from Pugar Restu Julian - thedyingsirens) 
- Hershey's Kisses

On March 2013, the Until Whenever album is being re-released online by Soundandlife (Japan). So this album is now available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, and KINGBEAT.

Many thanks to everyone who has help us in the process of making this album. This includes huge gratitude to Nona Aprilia Apsari - White Shoes and The Couples Company, who has give a great contribution to Clover's album in the form of a beautiful painting for Clover's album cover.

Clover's latest song is Harapan Muda, which was made for a program on Prambors Radio Jakarta to commemorate Sumpah Pemuda day in Indonesia. We are also very fortunate to have our song, Tania in a Car, remixed by our friend, Miya of Microtone from Japan.

You can also hear us on several other releases, such as:
- Paviliun Do Re Mi (a compilation album released by Paviliun Records, Jakarta, in 2006)
- Merci Magazine Vol. 001 Magazine + Compilation CD (Japan - released in 2009)

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