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 For what it’s called ‘nothing’ means ‘something’ or even ‘everything’, there’s a name for it, and it’s called ‘Nirmana’. I’ve entered dance music scene in earlier 2012 as a podcaster, start producing music in mid 2012, and then evolving myself as a DJ in earlier 2013. Surrounded by good friends, references, influences, and life experiences, made myself as a passionate musician who really loves Trance, Deep / House, Indie Dance / Bands, Nu-Disco,

Trip Hop, or even Chillout music despites the commercial industry that invaded the music market. I'd love to see different shade of music, feelings, and emotions that created in every motions whenever people dancing on the dancefloor. And that's why I made “Emotions In Motions” as the tagline of my monthly mixtape / podcast. Along with my monthly podcast, I’m currently working as a Resident DJ, Music Director, Soundman, and Sound Engineer at Pong Me! Lounge & Bar Jakarta.



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