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Founded in 2005, Yogyakarta-based alternative outfit Nervous have seen their fair share of changes. A hiatus and a line-up shift had brought sole remaining original member Argha Mahendra to meet music student Desiree Aditya, Aditya's former high school bandmate Eka Jayani Ayuningtyas, and a mutual friend Marcello Vishnoe, who formed the band's second line-up in 2008.

The new line-up brought a new touch of influence ranging from 90s alternative, shoegaze, noise pop, to post punk revival, as well as the inclination towards word play and sound experimentation. Early 2009 saw the foursome releasing mini album "One for a Brighter Future" under local label Blossom Records and touring extensively. Besides electronic musicians JFK and Uma Guma, who remixed two tracks off the album, the band have also collaborated with video artists Darlingsisters (Spain), Videorobber and Vietnam (Yogyakarta, Indonesia), photographer Selina Shah (UK), visual artist VJ Numberone, breakcore DJ Julian Abraham, musicians Elang Eby (Polyester Embassy) and Alfonso Vinky (Heinrich Maneuever) in their launching show.
Throughout this year, Nervous have been gathering materials and embarking on recording sessions for the upcoming full album, punctuated by intermittent breaks as each member attends to other musical ventures. Once again they are raiding the nooks and corners of the human mind beneath the humdrum everyday life, this time exploring vocal duties share and writing in both English and Indonesian. A three-city tour with like-minded bands in November is to be followed by the finishing process of the long-awaited album. If they were not ready to unleash before, they are now.
Take a step into the maze.“...

Band Member
Argha Mahendra (drums)
Desiree Aditya (vocals, guitar)
Eka Jayani Ayuningtyas (bass, vocals)
Marcello Whisnu (guitar)

Studio album:
- One for a Brighter Future EP (Blossom Records, 2009)
Compilation albums:
- No Sleep Til Cengkareng Vol. 02 (StoneAge Records, 2013)
- D.I.Y in D.I.Y (Rise and Shine Records, 2008)



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